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 A classical dance form focusing on grace and precision, a crucial and fundamental style for all dancers. Here at Motion Dance Academy we offer graded classes from the age of 4, with a focus in the early years on musical interpretation and character and in later years moving on to technical steps, pointe work and professional qualifications.

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Modern dance is a chance to let loose and have a bit of a groove. Teaching musicality, flexibility, passion and confidence, Modern dance is a great discipline. Learn routines to your favourite songs whilst also progressing through grades. Graded classes are available from the age of 4, so come and learn your leaps, jumps, turns and jazz hands!

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Tap brings another side to dance, as well as the musicality of the music you are using the musicality of your movements. Tap teaches rhythm, coordination, and most importantly patience when trying to master new steps. Miss Mollie offers graded classes and also the opportunity to explore Irish dancing and American style tap.

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A real favourite amongst dance students, contemporary mixes ballet, modern and interpretive movements to create its own dance form. We follow the leading syllabus from NATD which offers students from grade 1 upwards the opportunity to take Contemporary graded examinations. Motion Dance Academy are currently on of the few schools offering this.

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Acro/Gymnastic Dance is a new blend of dance styles. It combines classical techniques with acrobatic skills. While all dance is physical, this form is particularly athletic. Acro dance classes offer a wide array of benefits, including increasing strength, flexibility, and coordination in students. So if you want to learn the latest tricks such as walkovers, tilts, leg holds, cartwheels and more. This is the class for you!

Motion Dance Academy pride itself on its safe practice. Miss Mollie is a qualified Acrobatic Arts Teacher and we use a variety of gym mats, crash mats, air tracks & tumble equipment.

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Pointe Class

Motion Dance Academy offer a Demi pointe 12 week programme and Pointe beginner to advanced lessons. These classes are invite only, but if you have danced on pointe before and wish to participate do let us know!

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Commercial dance is the style of dance you often see backing dancers perform on stage with pop/urban music, and in music videos.

It is an extremely popular genre, with a mix of fast and slow movements and isolations, it is a brilliant work out that leaves you feeling energised and confident.

We offer street dance classes for ages 5-18yrs and commercial for 12yrs +

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A class that combines, Singing, Acting and Dance to teach all age groups the fun of Musical Theatre! Taken on Tuesdays we have classes that suit the ages of 3yrs-18yrs.

The class format includes, acting games and exercises, singing warm ups and then a musical theatre piece which will change every few weeks!

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Early Movers is an NATD recognised programme specifically designed for and aimed at little ones from 18 months - 4 years. It is a fun, upbeat introduction to Ballet and Modern dancing. A perfect chance for parents and young ones to find and show off their dancing talent!

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Here at Motion Dance Academy we offer a technique and conditioning class for all dancers. Each week we will focus on a different aspect of Dance, providing dancers the essential skills they need to excel in their disciplines.

We currently offer two age groups of Technique classes. 5-12yrs and 13yrs+. Classes take place in Hinchingbrooke school on Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays

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Motion Dance Academy offer adult classes in Tap. This class is aimed at a beginner/intermediate level, so perfect if you are taking class for the first time or refunding your passion from your childhood.

Miss Mollie is also a qualified FitSteps instructor, a "Strictly Come Dancing" themed workout class. Keep an eye out for classes appearing soon!

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All students are invited to a free trial class. After this, classes will be paid on a termly or monthly basis. This is to encourage discipline and dedication for all students! Discounts are offered to students taking lessons in multiple disciplines.

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